Jeweller / Sponsor Mark & Quality Assurance

Michel Leng-D & Co. Jeweller's Sponsor Mark is registered in the United Kingdom (UK) for Fine Renaissance Arts (FRA), Inspired Contemporary Designs [Sustainable Styles]. The choice of green materials used in Michel Leng-D & Co.’s range of products is heavily researched on and selected for their quality & sustainability. Our products are designed in-house, with our flagship fashionable natural material – AIRY-ECOSWACHTM being flexible, water-resistant, resin-free, and has desirable properties of top artisanship handmade quality.

All Gold or Rose Gold Jewelleries (i.e. 14K, 18K, or 22K gold or rose gold products) are assayed and hallmarked by established Assay Office in the United Kingdom (according to UK Assay Office standards) with Michel Leng-D & Co.’s registered Jeweller Mark, along with UK Assay Office Mark & Purity Mark with Extended Standard Guarantee.

On the other hand, all Vermeil Products are stamped with 925 Hallmark with Extended Standard Guarantee.



Michel Leng-D & Co. takes pride in the quality of our products, which in most parts have been designed in-house and manufactured with strict standards monitoring. Each piece of products undergoes a stringent quality control process and appropriate quality assurance (e.g., hallmarked by established assay office(s) for precious metals such as 14K, 18K, or 22K Gold products or accompanied by GIA Certificate(s) for diamonds) before being placed on our online platform(s) and dispatched to our customers.


Eco-Friendly Packagings

For eco-friendliness, our 100% recyclable packagings (postal box, jewellery box, etc) are accompanied by global certified mark (by established global forest certification system) and are non-laminated to allow ease of recycling by customers.

Besides, all Michel Leng-D & Co.'s luxury jewellery pouches are made of 100% recycled materials (including strings of pouch) & are readily recyclable any time our Customers decide to do so.


Unique, Greener Designs

Michel Leng-D & Co. owns the copyright to all our Gold & Rose Gold product precious metals, Vermeil precious metals & silk material designs and trademarks, unless otherwise specified.

Unless stated otherwise, all Content, designs, materials, images, videos, URLs, source code, domain names, marks, trademarks, and logos forming any part of the websites are (i) fully vested in us, our business partners, suppliers, or licensors and (ii) protected by applicable copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, database rights, or other proprietary rights and law.



Licensed Dealer

Michel Leng-D & Co. is a Certified & Licensed Regulated Dealer of Precious Stones & Precious Metals (i.e. for purposes of AML/CFT only).