About Gold Vermeil in Luxury Industry

Gold Vermeil [ˈvərm(ə)l] (i.e. Vermeil) material is the hottest trend in the luxury jewellery & fashion industry today. Emanating the luxurious elegance of gold & consisting entirely of precious metals, Vermeil material allows a piece of jewellery to exude a sense of modernity, or luxurious contemporality in a highly fashionable style & manner.

Gold Vermeil is the best material one can obtain after solid gold. With good handling & care, Vermeil items last a lifetime just like solid gold pieces & can be added to your precious jewellery collections with greater peace of mind. A typical thinly gold plated item uses brass (non-precious metal) as base material, whereas a Vermeil item uses solid 925 sterling silver (i.e. precious metal with minimal chance of allergy reactions) as base material & coated with a solidly thick layer of gold (at least 2.5 micrometers, i.e. 10-15 x thicker gold-plated & uses precious metal sterling silver as the base) which provides for its luxurious aesthetics equivalent to that of solid gold pieces.

Gold Vermeil doesn’t go outdated, nor is it held back by the hefty material price tag unlike solid gold, making it especially desirable for use in designer pieces. It is the top material of choice in many modern-day designer pieces as it enables the production of high fashion, elaborated & complex jewellery pieces while ensuring their price tag (often inclusive of design & workmanship costs) stays reasonable and well accessible to avid modern-day fashion consumers, whom for various occasions & lifestyles demand variations in their ever expanding jewellery collections.  

All our Gold Vermeil products are 18K Gold coated Vermeil 925 Sterling Silver (Hallmarked) & contain no rhodium plating. Each product comes with Extended Standard Guarantee for our online clients with worldwide Free Shipping.