Product Guarantee and Warranty


All our Luxury Jewellery product(s) comes with an automatic Standard Guarantee of sixteen (16) months from the original date of purchase on all jewellery against defects in material and/or workmanship, extended from the typical Standard Guarantee of twelve (12) months. The Standard Guarantee covers all jewellery purchased via our website and must be accompanied by the original receipt / tax invoice, and any Diamond Certificate(s), Warranty Card(s), and/or relevant hallmarks when applicable.

Any defects in materials and/or workmanship that become evident during the Standard Guarantee validity period will be remedied by Michel Leng-D & Co, upon passing an assessment by our QA/QC department. The Standard Guarantee does not include the followings: (i) Damage due to ordinary wear and tear, (ii) Damage due to alteration, misuse, natural disaster, accident, substitution or abuse, (iii) Damage caused during repair(s), dismantling(s) and/or alteration(s) performed by any party other than Michel Leng-D & Co., (iv) Disappearance or loss (including loss of gemstones), and/or (v) Any type of inappropriate or unreasonable use (inconsistent with our care instructions) causing damage or deterioration. Michel Leng-D & Co. reserves the right to judge whether the jewellery has been subject to any of the abovementioned exclusions.

When an item has been repaired or replaced under guarantee or warranty, only the remaining term of the original Standard Guarantee or Warranty shall continue to apply. Based on the outcome of the assessment, Michel Leng-D & Co. reserves the right to make final decisions on which party shall be responsible for the return shipping cost as well as the shipping cost for any repaired or replacement item dispatched to the customer(s).

Please note that the Standard Guarantee (or Extended Standard Guarantee) applies only to all our Jewellery product range (i.e. Luxury Jewellery including gold, gold vermeil, rose gold, or rose gold vermeil products), and does not apply to Accessories or other fashion items (e.g., eco-leathers, gold-filled accessories, etc) listed on our website, unless otherwise indicated.


Michel Leng-D & Co. takes pride in the quality of our products, which in most parts have been designed in-house and produced with strict standards monitoring. Each piece of products undergoes a stringent quality control process and appropriate quality assurance (e.g., hallmarked by established assay office(s) in United Kingdom (UK) according to UK assay office standards for precious metals such as 14K, 18K, or 22K Gold products or accompanied by GIA Certificate(s) for diamonds) before being placed on our online platform(s) and dispatched to our customers.

Michel Leng-D & Co. owns the copyright to all our Luxury Series precious metals & silk material designs / trademarks, unless otherwise specified.